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WordPress is the world’s most popular website CMS platform powering over 60 million sites, that's 35% of all websites on the planet! (stats as of Jan 2020). We are experts when it comes to designing and building WordPress websites in fact this is the only platform that we work with as our philosophy is to be "The Master of One" and NOT "The Jack of all Trades!"

Features that come FREE as standard with OUR website packages include:

  • FREE SSL Certificate - encrypts your website for security, (look for the padlock in the www address bar) (Go Daddy currently charge £59.99 PER YEAR)
  • FREE server email setup (up to 5 email addresses) (worth £50)
  • FREE access to our online training video's and accompanying PDF manuals


All of our websites are built on a CMS ‘Content Management System’ which means that once we have completed it, you are free to update the site yourself at no further cost or, if you prefer, we offer bespoke website management packages where we upload content changes supplied by yourself for an agreed fee.


Our sites are also ‘responsive’ to ensure they perform well on desktops, tablets, laptops and mobile devices. They are also ‘future proofed’ so if you decide to expand your site, additional features may be ‘bolted on’ later for a very reasonable cost.


We have been designing and building websites since 1998 when websites were handcoded from scratch rather than today's method of using a CMS framework. This is now our preferred method of working as it allows us to spend more time being 'creative' with your site rather than re-inventing the wheel and building sites from the ground up each time. Having experience working the 'traditional way' though allows us to be able to tweak the website coding to make it work just how we want it to rather than sticking to the 'out of the box' method which a lot of designers do.




We can also help you purchase your domain registration if you require. It is a very simple process and domain names (the www bit in your website address bar) are usually less than £10 per year for a .co.uk


You will need some website hosting (server rental) to host your website files, this can range from anything up to a few hundred pounds per year. We can provide you with your website hosting on our reliable UK based servers at only £69 per year.